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Additional Information

Preschoolers learn best through interactive games, hands-on discovery and opportunities for creative self-expression. Tickled Ivories’ preschool piano classes have been carefully created to give children an engaging and interactive piano learning journey. Students will enjoy and learn from a variety of piano-inspired activities including:

  • Hands on piano time

  • Finger dexterity, finger independence, technique

  • Pattern recognition

  • Rhythm and rhythm reading

  • Exploratory keyboard activities

  • Note values and reading

  • Movement

  • Musical games

A positive, fun, and encouraging environment sets the stage for creative learning and joyful discovery—a perfect environment for young children’s first piano experiences.

Our classes are developmentally appropriate classes are a great first step in establishing a strong foundation for a successful transition later to school-age peer or private lessons. 

Class sizes are small with no more than 4 students per class. Each weekly class is 30-minutes in length and each student is fully engaged in the learning process for the entire class. 

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