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If you have a question, chances are it will be answered here. If not, please contact us!


Lessons are taught by our teachers, on location at child care centers, private schools, and after school programs. We are currently serving in Texas, and Georgia. Upon registration, you will soon receive email notifications with your child's class time and start date. Your first month's tuition will be prorated according to when your child begins and any credit applied to next month's tuition.


Classes meet once a week, on the same day of the week. Lessons are offered year round in a Fall Semester (19 lessons), Spring Semester (15 lessons) and Summer Session (10 lessons, flexible summer packages, and/or camps). 


Initial or monthly tuition payments may be remitted via Venmo, zelle, paypal or through the website. Tuition is due on or before the 1st lesson of each month and subject to the $20 late fee if received after the 10th. Monthly statements are electronically delivered the last week of each month for the upcoming month of lessons.  Your billing statement will be attached as a .pdf document.


YES! Most if not all of our teachers have degrees in their field and/or are professional musicians. They are all experienced professionals and are chosen not only for their qualifications, but for their love of teaching and their ability to relate to young children. Each Tickled Ivories’ instructor is trained in the Tickled Ivories’ curriculum and approach to piano instruction. To ensure your child’s safety and protection and in compliance with state law, all instructors are thoroughly vetted, undergo a criminal history check, FBI fingerprinting analysis, and possess (child) First Aid and CPR certification.​

Where are lessons taught & when will they begin?

How often are classes taught?

How do I pay for lessons?

Is the teacher qualified?


Is a piano at home necessary to begin lessons?

NO! While an instrument at home is beneficial for practice and proficiency, it is certainly not a prerequisite to begin lessons. Preschoolers are definitely not expected to have regimented at-home practice. Purchasing an instrument may be considered in the future. (Electronic keyboards are great gift ideas!)


Is 30 minutes long enough for a lesson?

YES. In the beginning, the half-hour lesson is adequate time for preschoolers to focus on class material, and to explore and discover the lesson objectives. In a half hour, school-age students will be presented enough material to achieve realistic weekly goals. Remember: :Each student is fully engaged in the entire 30-minute class. 


Can I sit in on my child's class?

Yes. We have an open door policy. Parent observations are discouraged however, as they have proven to be both a distraction to the child as well as their classmates. Discuss scheduling options for observations with the teacher or perhaps a possible alternative.


What if my child is learning at a faster or slower pace than his/her peers?

Occasionally a student’s learning pace will differ from that of their peer group class. Teachers can recognize individual strengths or areas of challenge and will notify parents if another class would better suit a child’s learning style, pace, or skill level.


What must I do if I decided to discontinue lessons?

Upon registration, each child’s class space is specifically reserved. So that we may have adequate time to fill your child’s class space, a 30-DAY WRITTEN CANCELLATION NOTICE (or a $70 cancellation fee in lieu of notice) is required to withdraw from lessons. Verbal notice or a cellular text message given to the childcare center or school staff is not considered sufficient notification and the cancellation fee will be assessed.


What is your school year calendar of events?

Classes typically follow the public school calendar. Otherwise, the piano teacher will notify parents via email, text, or phone message of any schedule changes or irregularities.  If you have a question about lesson times, holidays, school closures and make up lessons, please contact your TI teacher.

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