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Our Methods


Lessons are fun-filled and designed to captivate a child’s interest and imagination. This is accomplished through engaging, interactive, innovative curriculum and purposeful play! Children discover, explore, imitate, experience, and create music.


Preschool classes are both fun and engaging with developmentally appropriate activities:

  • exploration & discovery through sensory experience

  • musical activities focused on large muscle coordination

  • rhythm, beat, and tempo

  • whole body movement, coordination & expression

  • pitch, tone, dynamics (high/low; loud/quiet)

  • preliminary notation & music symbol recognition

  • keyboard geography

  • musical ear development

  • creative activities & games

School-Aged Classes

School-Age classes are for students ages 5-10. Students enrolled in after school classes will continue to establish a deeper & more complex root system for future music study. The weekly group classes provide students with an introduction to music at the piano. Students develop a strong musical foundation and proper pianistic habits through:

  • Notation and musical symbol recognition & application

  • Rhythm activities

  • Hands-on keyboard playing

  • Ear Training/Sight-reading/Composition/Technique practice

  • Creative activities and games

Positive Learning Environment
Age-Appropriate Learning

No-stress, positive learning environment:
Tickled Ivories piano classes are unique and fun. The primary goal is to make learning to play the piano a positive experience. While preschool students are not expected to practice at home, we encourage at-home exploration and piano play! As children mature, regular practice is certainly beneficial and encouraged. Teachers always try to prevent frustration and celebrate accomplishments, both great and small!

Age Appropriate Learning:

Lessons are planned to maximize learning by appealing to individual age groups while utilizing creative instruction to enhance the learning process . For instance, manipulatives like “PlayDough” and pipe cleaners or electronic smartphone and tablet applications are often used to reinforce theoretical concepts. Our lesson objectives and expectations are always based on the student’s cognitive, physical, and intellectual development as well as unique learning styles.

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