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Our Story

Tickled Ivories began in 1993 in San Antonio, Texas and is now a premier ancillary program in Austin and San Antonio, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.


THINK FUN!  THINK INTERACTIVE! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Children ages three and older learn the fundamentals of playing piano in small, motivating, peer groups while in schools, child care centers, churches, after school programs, and community locations. Our 3: or 4:1 teacher/student ratio is lowest among most other ancillary programs. Private lessons are offered at most locations, as well. 


Thoroughly vetted piano educators with a passion and understanding for teaching young children teach on-site classes using touch sensitive, 61-key, electronic keyboards.

No piano at home? No worries! No instrument at home is required to begin lessons. Purchasing an instrument can be considered later and/or is always a great gift idea!


Research overwhelmingly supports that piano instruction provides numerous educational, developmental and social
advantages. Tickled Ivories makes this opportunity both convenient and affordable by bringing our exceptional piano learning adventure to both preschool and school-aged children.



We bring the teacher, instrument, and our creative piano learning adventure classes to your child at their school, child care center, or after school program in weekly, 30-minute classes. Lessons are taught while your child attends school which is both cost and time effective!


Register now to reserve your child’s space in one of our exciting, fun-filled classes. (Limited spaces are available.) The Tickled Ivories adventure is just a click away!


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